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I've been on Shopify for around a month now. I've set up my sight, organised my products. Now I'm focusing on marketing to drive traffic to my site. I've been using Kit for around a week but it's not really working out for me and I don't want to waste money on ads when I'm getting no conversions.

I started a beginners course on Facebook marketing but it's really a lot to get my head around in a short space of time. I'm on Google merchant and facebook pixels but I really don't know what to do next to try and drive traffic and convert.


Does anyone have any advice? Any apps to build an audience from scratch?



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Advertising has very big and complicated, while the concept is easy, what to do is an every day task.


With regards to Google Shopping, there are 3 parts.


The data feed quality, ie: the data you submit. Increasing quality will increase ranking and reduce cpc.

The Google ads setup, ie: remarketing, audiences, ad scheduling, bidding, campaign strategy, and other campaigns. A successful advertiser uses attribution, which is to not rely on 1 part, but also on text, display, remarketing, showcase ads, local inventory, etc. etc..

Then finally your website, the quality of the website is also important, this is the info you submit, the pricing, images, etc...


While the above are no specific tips, it is impossible to give you all the tips as I would be writing a book. I have been an advertiser for over 11 years and still learn new things every week.


So if you can not wait for yourself to learn, and make mistakes, consider hiring someone to do it for you.


Otherwise the best way to learn is to test, and read lots of articles.


Hope this helps.

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Marketing is the easy part, selling and converting people is the hard part. With marketing there are so many strategies, really all it is, is driving traffic. So what are all the way you can drive traffic? Instagram influencers are cheap and ROI can be through the roof but the challenge is finding the right ones. Facebook ads are great but without data can be expensive. Google ads are great if you put ads on youtube, millions of people watch youtube video everyday and if done right can be amazing. Blogs are good aswell pay someone to write an article about your product.


There are many ways to drive traffic but then you gotta sell them. And selling comes down to your product and how you sell it. It will really make or break a store.  I would love to help further so please message me on Facebook I am not very active on here.

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Thanks Emmannuel that information is great. I’ve been focusing on social media so I definitely need to spend more time on Google. Using your advice I think I’ll allocate a set amount of hours for marketing each day so that it doesn’t get too frustrating. Perhaps you should write a book 🙂
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Thanks jjessec I’ll definitely take that on board. You’ve made me feel a bit better about the whole process.
I’ve definitely considered writing a blog so I think that will be the next step in terms of expanding my audience.

Thank you