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Newsletter subscription - automated welcome email via Mailchimp (through SchopSync)

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Dear all,

We are facing the following issue:

We set up the ShopSync integration in our Shopify store to link our customer base to Mailchimp to scale up email marketing. After having run the integration, we manually (!) had to upload a couple of contact details of existing (!) customers into Mailchimp. At the same time, we set up an automation in Mailchimp to automatically send out a welcome email to new subs.

Problem: Whenever one of the manually added contacts makes a purchase in our Shopify store, the ShopSync integration updates his/her subscription status to "Subscribed". This triggers the automated welcome email even though this customer is actually not a new sub (but was added manually to the mailing list in Mailchimp). We already have reached out to Mailchimp, here is their answer: "When integrating with ShopSync, the Shopify store uses API to send calls to Add, update, or overwrite contacts data in your Audience based on the settings you choose in Shopify."

Question: Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Can anyone think about a fix for this problem? What are the Shopify settings Mailchimp refers to in its answer? Where do we find them?

Thanks in advance for your time and your thoughts.

Have a sweet day!

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Hey @chocoholic 

I believe our automation app Arigato Automation can come to your rescue. Instead of relying on automated emails, you can have more control over when these emails are sent to your customers through a custom workflow through our robust Mailchimp integration. You will be able to send additional information to Mailchimp like tags or interests. This would then help to zero in on who should trigger the welcome email.

Please take a look at the this workflow example that can easily be customized for more use cases.