No ATCs in 2019- good traffic turned into bad traffic?

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Hello People,

I am running a POD-Store at the moment and selling Appearel - mainly Cat Shirts. - see the site:


As I put different designs to market with FB Conversion Ads, I noticed that in the beginning I got about 3-5 sales within the first days of opening the store - then the sales stopped until now. I only target Mobile, no WIFI connection required.


Situation right now:

The very same traffic that has bought before is not even pressing the ATC button right now - a nightmare! 


Specifially- this one product has declined rapidly from ROAS > 5 to ROAS < 1 right now:


I thought "Conversion Ads" bring in people that at least ATC but for me it seems like it has turned into very bad traffic - people who only click but never even ATC. 

Even with high CTR and low CPC(<1$) on my ads I do not know what the site visitors are confused about. 


This issue is true on all designs I am advertising on right now -  no ATCs...

I am frustrated because I have tried out so many adsets - more than 50+ that were all targeted towards People who are Cat Fans with all kinds of "cat interests". I am running out of ideas what is wrong - the design, the site, the offer...


Maybe I am blind and do not see something obvious that is wrong. For all I know the whole checkout process is working as should. Hope you can give your 2 cents, thanks!

What I would do next is create 2-3 more designs to test, hoping that at least 1 sells..


Kind Regards,



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Its a learning phase that typically happens in fb ads. It also letting you know that your product is not scalable to bigger audience, its best to move on and try new product.