No index in tags and some irrelevant pages. HELP!

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Hello everyone!

I know that this is a spoken subject but it has not been clear to me at all. I have two problems in the face of SEO optimization, since SITEMAP and Robots.txt can not be edited.

1º I need that the tags within my site, both in the blog and in the store are not indexed. By this I mean that I can use them for the user experience, but the URLs that are generated never index for Google. And I would also like them not to be in the sitemap, but that is more complicated, I think.

2º There are certain pages such as the privacy policy, contact or returns, which I do not need to index either because it is irrelevant content. I have searched for forms and I have seen that you can create templates for the pages. I would like to have one such as exists but that is called page.noindex for example, and when I put it on a page as a template that page does not index. I do not know if I explain myself

I would like this to be done by code and not depend on a plugin.
And to be the only way to get it using plugin, which plugin I recommend.

Regards and thanks for everything. I hope you can help me before you start and do not screw up

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Hi Alex,

TLDR; don't worry about these issues, Shopify has you covered 🙂

1. Shopify handles this with ease for you. Once you publish your site (I see it's password protected now), your sitemap will be generated and picked up by Google.

It will be here:

This is a big sitemap that's made up out of a other sitemaps: one for your pages, one for your products, one for your blog, etc.

If you want to make sure the indexing happens and keep an eye on the progress, create an account with Google Search console and submit your sitemap there.

2. Don't worry about this one. You don't need to tell Google they are irrelevant. Just leave them as part of the sitemap. It won't have any effect on your ability to rank. - no-fluff ecommerce marketing advice
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Hello Dennis!

Everything what it says to me I understand because I know how it works, I know that a sitemap is generated automatically and that shopify generates me the robots.txt file.

What I'm asking is if there is any way that URLs that are generated because of using TAGs are not indexed. Place them all in <meta name = "robots" content = "noindex, follow">

Or for example if I want a page does not index because it has irrelevant content ... If I have too many of those (such as those generated every time a TAG is created) Google will start to see thin content everywhere and penalize my website in the SERPS.
What I would like to know is if I can block the indexing of all the URLs of TAGs and some irrelevant pages, as would be done in Wordpress for example.

a greeting and thanks for your help

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Hi Alex,

You would need to edit the appropriate template, like so:



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Hi Andrew!

Thank you very much. I'll see what I can do there

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You could try our app to see if that will help you.

It gives you full control over your sitemap and noindex,nofollow tags.