no meta-discription in google search

no meta-discription in google search

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When I look in Google search, non of the text has meta-discription, but I see everywhere my meta-title. Why Google takes my meta-title but not the meta-discription? Google takes the discription of the footer with my phonenumber and adress. I made all the text with the app SEOant and its all in my Shopify. Someone said I must add my sitemap in Google search control, so I did it last week but I read on internet this can not be the reason. This is my website: Im doing someting wrong?


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It depends upon Google if it finds that another description from the page is more relevant to the user's search query than the given meta description, then it will show a relevant description at SERP.

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Hi Tiffaninl,


After you have made changes to your pages, Google might not have picked that up straight away. It all depends on how often Google is crawling and indexing your site. You can try resubmitting a product URL in search console for indexing. go to Google Search Console -> Enter your product url in the search bar within Google Search Console -> then click request indexing. 

You can do this for all pages you have edited recently. If you have edited a lot of pages and meta descriptions, to speed things up, you can first try request indexing the collections with the products. Google Should then follow the product links in the collection and index those product URL's too. 

Let us know if that helped solve your problem.