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No products shown in Google Merchant Centre

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Trying to link the shopify account to google merchant center, but there were no products shown, although shopfy said the products were sucessfully published to the account.


Any suggestions on how to proceed?




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Going to provide you with a check-list to make sure you setup Google MC correctly

- Have a Google Adword account and link it to your MC.

- Make sure the shipping at GMC matches that on your Shopify shipping settings

- If you have more than one GMC or Google account double check to make sure it did not link to the other one.

If all looks good, then I would remove the app, reinstall the app, and start over with the connection.

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Hey BaoBella; 

Are you sure the feed is uploaded correctly? Oftentimes, the app shows 'published' but the products themselves get disapproved so don't show up in your feed.

If you need more insight, please reach out to me at 

I have extensive experience with Shopify/Google Shopping Integration. Have set up over a dozen feeds! 

Hope this was helpful. 🙂 


Uri W

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I am having the same problem. My products uploaded to Google Merchant fine, but there was no additional info in the app about what else had to happen to get Google's approval. My products were all rejected. I've gone through the endlessly complicated documentation and tried to figure it out. Now I want to resubmit but I can't because I have no feed file. So my products are sitting there still, for another week as I try to figure this out. I really have zero interest in understanding Google. It is mind numbing. I only signed up with Shopify because Shopify was supposed to be easy to set up but with issue after issue I'm more and more dismayed. 

How do I get Google to recheck my store without submitting the review form - cannot do this as I don't have the right files and info. 

Thank you 🙂

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Hey Caroline;

Don't feel dismayed!! I can take a look for you - I know this inside out 🙂 Google Shopping IS easy with Shopify, it's just complicated if you don't know how the connection works and what Googles QA Requirements are. 

If you want to reach out, please do - - we can get this sorted out before the end of the week.