No ROI on Google Adwords spend, suggestions for improvements

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Hi guys,

I have spent some money on Adwords (PPC) campaigns and got traffic as a result but not a single conversion. I tried to use phrase matching and exact matching and only limit to the UK but with no results. 
I'm wondering what is the best way to go about researching keywords and making my Adwords keywords more efficient, i.e. reduce bounce rates and yield better click through rates? 
I have used the Keyword research tool and thinking of using the Ubersuggest tool now.

What strategies have you or do you use successfully?

appreciate any advice, cheers.

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The best way when you have no data, is to look at your competitors. Using suggestion tools does not tell you if they are worth it. But if you can see the competitors data you can be pretty sure they are effective.

Than from there build up.

Or alternatively, start with Google Shopping ads and than use the converting search terms from there to build up your text ads.

Hope it helps.

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Hi Kiba,

Adwords can be a little bit hard if you don't have some previous experience with it. I can give you a few tips if you want to learn about it:

-Research some keywords: Find the keywords that you can bid for and there are not too many coompetitors, the cpc will be really low.

-Bidding optimization: Test the keywords and find those which perform well (good cpc and low bounce rate) Increase a little bit the bidding for those keywords.

-Set locations and gender: Where do you want to focus campaigns? Which countries? Your customers are men or women?


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Hey all,

Thanks for the replies, I guess an expensive mistake with Ad words is to use broad keywords, suggested by Google that can run up your bills. 

Definately put more work in to picking the low cost keywords and perhaps expanding my locations to outside of the UK as we have had sales globally. 

Thanks again for the tips.

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I know this issue could be persistent even after months of trying. Try the Reactflow app to see exactly what your visitors do after coming into your shop. IF is there anything that needs to be optimized or prevent them from purchasing.

I also recommend Hitsteps app for more general web analytics to get a better idea of your shop.