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No Sales after the first month

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Hello everybody

We have a problem with our store.
We have much traffic but no sales?

Where is the problem with our store?

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Hey Lukas,

Very cool looking store. Love the logo 🙂

This is very common theme among shopify store owners. 

You aren't getting any sales because there is NO TRUST, people have never heard about your store.

Another reason can be they aren't ready yet. Maybe they like the products but aren't committed yet to invest.

One solution can be to remind them or give them an offer they can't refuse when THEY ARE READY TO BUY.

But how can you know when they will be ready?

This is where Email Marketing comes into picture. You need to collect email addresses of people stopping by your store daily. Else, you are losing hundreds of potential customers every single day.

Send every person signing up to your email list into an email funnel where first few emails will build trust, introduce your brand,story,products to them before the final email will ask for a sale.

Yes it takes time (2-3 weeks) to get a sale this route but well worth it and besides you're losing hundreds of visitors everyday with your current model of asking them to buy straightaway.

If you want to learn how to implement all of this, I have a FREE course teaching you the entire process from START TO FINISH.

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Hey Lukas,

Not much sales are expected as soon as you open your store. Based on what I observed from your store, you could work on the following :-

1) About us page :- Your store does not seem to have an about us page. It is extremely important to have it as it establishes your credibility. This is also a part of some basic must have content on your store. This article can help you with writing an about us page for your website.

2) Social Media :- You have both Facebook and Instagram which is a great thing. It ultimately comes down to the content you post there. You need to post engaging content on your social channels and the frequency of posting is really important as well. For example I observed that you have discounts on a lot of products but your customers need to now about it. You need to promote this. Luckily Orangetwig does that for you. You can promote sales and showcase your products in professionaly designed layouts. Not just this, you can also schedule these posts across your social channels. 
Have a look at some of the layouts.

Instasuccess toolkit can help you manage your Instagram. It will help you in reaching out to relevant audience and will ultimately help you in boosting your sales.

3) Product pictures and descriptions seem to be fine but the discount tags on your products (for e.g Save $6.46 USD) are mixing up with the product pictures and are not very clear. You might want to change that.

Hope this helps

For more questions join Seller Success group 

Karan Jassar
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Hi Lukas - a nice store - good job


I can offer the advice that was given to me and what my research has shown.  Can't say for sure though that any of it makes any difference as there have been so many changes and advice that I followed that it is hard to say what works and what is a waste of time and money.  I keep on trying though. 🙂

1. remove all of the branding on the items - for example customers can check a dainashi necklace online and it shows aliexpress selling the same item for $6.34 and you have it for $31.50.  It just makes it less obvious that you are dropshipping and also your sale banners are covered by the brands and hard to read.

2. the descriptions need work. Remove all of the unnecessary lines and add a detailed description instead. I am told the below type of list looks cheap so it could read similar to this:  

Pink Corner just love this beautiful stylish pearl pendant - it will put the 'romance' in your trend and give an air of elegance to your neckline.  Handcrafted in sterling silver the designer pendant is 28mm long with a 10.5mm genuine freshwater pearl.  An asset to any womans wardrobe. 

remove the entire list below as it has now been capture in the description above.

Item Type: Pendants
Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling
Main Stone: Pearl
Certificate Type: CNAS
Style: Romantic
Pearl Type: Freshwater Pearls
Metals Type: Silver
Pearl Kind: 100% Real Freshwater Pearl
Pearl Shape: Bread round
Pearl Size: 10-10.5mm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Package: opp bag with gift box
Pendant size: 28mm*10mm

3. Get the McAfee secure symbol on your site or some other brand if you prefer to show customers it is safe to shop

4. There is no Shipping link to give customers any idea of what to expect in costs or timeframe

5. Create an About Us 

6. Create a blog and link it in to your site

7. change pricing multiplier to higher for low cost items and decrease the multiplier as the price increases

$1 - 3 x - example 10

3.01 - 6 x - example 8

6.01 - 10 x - example 4

10.01 - 20 - example 3

20.01 - 30 - example 2.5

30.01 - 40 - example 2

40.01 - 50 - example 1.6

50.01 - higher example 1

8. Add a link to the top of the page for the Shop as the side bar is clunky

9. the email subscription hits the customer way to fast. increase the time so that they at least get a chance to enter the store before pouncing on them.

10. all the above is just a suggestion and I wish you well in your journey.  Take care. 🙂

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Hello all.... i appreciate your answers, comments and thoughts on my question. I'll try to follow your advices. If there is any change I will gladly keep you up to date. Thanks and kind regards. Lukas

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Hi guys I could use some advice as well

i’m not getting sales through my website. I just launched my online boutique this last January. I have umbrellaed all of the items I sell under one name “discovered” I hav built a brand around my boutique that I love which is the girl logo.  I have a good standing in my community but not so much of a great online presence. Majority of my sales are from my Facebook groups and my customers there don’t seem to like using the website, so they purchase ONLY through the Facebook group. 

I appreciate any insight please


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Help! Yes my store hasn’t gotten a sale m! What am I doing wrong?