NO SALES traffic is decent

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im getting decent traffic about 500-800 visits per week but not getting any sales. Not sure what is wrong with my store any help or advice is highly appreciated 

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Make sure the traffic you are getting is relevant and understand what the buy intent is. For example if you show ads on Facebook to people not initially interested in buying, than you will mostl likely not get sales.

You need to find the right type of traffic where there is buy intent. For example if you get traffic from Google Shopping than the buy intent is very high, or for example if you use remarketing on Google or Facebook than the buy intent is higher as you are targeting existing customers.

First analyze where the people are coming from, check if the type of traffic is relevant, if not, you need to find it. 

Also understand the different types of advertising, there is brand awareness, in market, product alike traffic etc.. All very different and will not behave the same.

Do some research with regards to types of traffic and where you want to get it from, how effective it is, etc...

Hope it helps.

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Hey Reg, 

Well done on your progress so far with your site. 

Just be careful with your apps and plug-ins. Don't go overboard!  

On your product pages, you have countdown timers and a "Hurry - Only 11 Left In Stock!" bar. 

This reduces by one every few seconds until it reaches zero. 

I watched it, and when it reached zero, it just reset itself at 11 again and restarted the countdown. 

At the same time as telling me that you are selling one of these items every few seconds, the call to action button is telling me I can preorder the item and it will be shipped to me when it is available. 

I understand that you are trying to create a sense of urgency, scarcity and social proof. But the results of all these features on the product page create a lot of confusion, and I suspect that is the reason why you are not seeing any sales. 

For instance: 

  • Is the item in stock or not? 
  • If the item not in stock, when am I likely to receive it? Are we talking days, weeks, months? 
  • You clearly aren't being totally upfront about the number of items you are selling either, because the counter just resets itself. This makes people wonder (rightly or wrongly) about what else you're not being upfront about. 

I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but customers notice these things.

Especially if they are thinking of handing over a lot of money. I see quite a few of the items in your shop are priced at above $100 (some over $200), so you really need to gain people's trust before they will complete a purchase of that size. 

All the best with your site! 


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Hi everyone,

So much great information here already. Thank you!

We are also experiencing a low conversion rate problem. We launched our store exactly a month ago. We have anywhere between 50 and 150 visitors a day, depnding on how much advertising we do on a particular day. We've had several unique sales from people we don't know, but our conversion rate is only at 0.2%.

I would appreciate any input you may have on how to improve our conversion rate.

I realize the conversion rate may also have to do with the product itself or the price ranges. So if anyone has input about that, please do include it!

Our store is

Thank you in advance

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Hi Saiprasad, 

I totally understand your frustration with this especially when it might be the first time you are doing this - it can take some time to get things off the ground.

After seeing your post, rather than write a long post of advice here, we decided to write a whole post on our blog about this here just for you. I hope this gives you a good starting point. I wish you the best of luck with this.


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Hi Saiprasad,

I created a awesome application can help you to sale more and also funnel your potentiel clients to yours best products.

It's 'Treasure Hunt' a Shopify application where you can setup a treasure hunt on your store.

It's free for 7 days so try it 🙂

Post on your Facebook that you have a treasure hunt on your site and you will have more visitors and sales.

App Link :

We can install Treasure Hunt for free!


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You have all the "right" elements that make up an e-commerce site except for one critical component.

I visited your site and looked around at the different categories.  I'm not qualified to comment on price.  Seems high, but I'm a guy and therefore disqualifies me to comment on price.  I bring up price because frankly, you could charge double (in my opinion) if you had this missing component.

Your missing component is: The Experience

When a mom comes to your site what does see "feel"?  Can she see her baby in your closes with her arms around her baby and staring at them with love in her eyes?  Or, maybe showing off her baby and letting others see how cute their baby is in your outfits?

I think you are missing the 'mom factor'

You could test this out very quickly.  If you have a baby, put them in one of your outfits and hold your baby and look at them with love in your eye like you normally do and then have someone take a picture of that.  Put that picture on one of the categories and see if this affects sales. 

By doing this, you are allowing moms to picture their baby in your outfits and "feeling" the love they have for them.  You are connecting LOVE with their baby and your product.  

That's the experience.

Give it a try and let us know if you see an increase in sales.  

Best Wishes,


PS. I attached a picture to give you an idea.  I snagged the picture off Google so please don't use this one.  Be authentic and use one with you or a friend with a baby!  Authenticity works every time.


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Hi Sai

Some really good replies have been already given so far. Adding my 2 cents here:

The font used in the website feels very amateurish and a bit hard to's difficult to trust this website as a one doing serious business. Sorry for being harsh but it doesn't really connect with parents looking to buy stuff for their babies.

Try adding product descriptions that appeal to a parent of a newborn/toddler. 

Also, having the "new additions" column on every collections page gives it a more or less retargeting ad kind of a feeling.

Hope this helps a bit. All the best!


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Just saw this twitter post and immediately thought of you...notice how CUTE these little guys are in their T's.

Hope this inspires you to keep going and to NEVER GIVE UP!


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Thank you so much for your valuable comments and feed back, especially the encouragment.

I will try to put in the pictures hope it increases my chances of a sale.




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see and get you best answer 

Thank you.