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I need some professional help. I've been getting about 120-180 sessions a day for a few weeks. I've had between a %1 and %6 add-to-cart rate, about half or so of that reaches checkout, but so far no sales. That traffic has been about half Facebook and half Instagram. The IG ads I try to target as best as I can, they seem to get tons of likes and a high percentage of clicks. Facebook I have tried ads with super focused targeting by layering, but also ads with not as targeted audiences. The targeted ones get a higher percentage of clicks, but still no sales. Maybe I can get someone to take a look at my website and see what issues there might be hindering buyers? Also, I'd love some tips for more targeted marketing.


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Hi Paul-

What part of the checkout are you seeing drop off? I was a bit confused with the shipping. The banner at the top says free shipping (but it shrinks and also is not sticky when scrolling down), but when I get the the cart, it says shipping will be calculated in the next step. As a basic thing to try, I would make sure the Free Shipping message persists and is easy to see throughout the site.







Hope that helps...


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Hi Paul,


Your store and products look really good. Perhaps changing the ads copy/audience or ad goals can help you connect with more dedicated shoppers. Consider getting your Facebook ads reviewed to see what can be improved.


One thing I noticed that some of your products display a different price on the collection page and different on the actual product page, which can be off-putting some shoppers. Make sure to be consistent with your pricing - trust plays a big part in the conversion rate, so check all your prices are transparent.


Also, you promote some of your suitcases as being on sale, but you only take $3-$4 off the total price, which doesn't really seem that exciting. You can knock off 20% to offer your shoppers a better deal.


Hope it helps,







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Hey Paul,

I noticed the same two things.

One possible issue may be of free shipping vs shipping will be calculated at the next step. 

Last is two different prices for the same thing. so once it is noticed by user, he/she will have trust issues to buy from your store. These two things can play an important role in Conversions. So work on it asap and let us know if it worked for you or not!

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Thanks, that really helps. I'll fix those issues and let you know how it works out.