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No Site Links Are Appearing Under Homepage on Google

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Anyone have any ideas as to why Google is still not listing my site with sitelinks? I have looked at Google Webmaster Tools and tried to fix any issues.

Does the theme that I am using or homepage layout have anything to do with it? 

I have friends have online retail sites on different ecommerce platforms that are similar in age (few months old), yet have Google Sitelinks in their search results. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Alexis, I guess it was only matter of time. Today, I searched your brand name, '' and got results with sitelinks: 

I hope it is showing as expected. 

But just in case you want to see sitelinks for the search term 'inspirado', its a mighty tough and steep battle. 

Inspirado being a Spanish word, will show results from dictionary or vocabulary sites above your ecommerce site, and hence your sitelinks wont show. Sitelinks only show for result no 1 in google. 

Hope this helps. 

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Google will vary its SERPs based on what it thinks is most helpful to users. If you have sitelinks appearing for one search, they may not appear for another search and there's very little you can do it about. Crawlability and indexation of pages is unlikely to be an issue for Shopify stores. The best piece of advice is having a good navigation structure.

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