No visits from google paid

No visits from google paid

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On one of my websites, on which I have installed GA4, in shopify 'marketing / under "channel" I don't see any visits that come from google paid. However, I do run adwords campaigns and my 2 accounts are well linked. I've also checked in GA4 and in GA4 I have the google adwords datas coming back.
The rest of the data that I see on shopify in "channel" seems perfectly correct (traffic coming from facebook...)

I therefore find this very strange.


Have you ever had this problem?


Thanks for your help

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@Astrid_brae  Yes, it's common to encounter discrepancies between Shopify's marketing channels and Google Ads data. Ensure your Google Ads account is linked correctly to Shopify and GA4. Sometimes, delays in data syncing or reporting differences can occur, but linking and settings verification usually resolve these issues over time.

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