Nobody seems to be interested in my products.(sad face emoji)

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Hello, I am dropshipping soy candles from a company called Soy works candle company. I have been trying to sell these candles, but it seems that nobody is intrested in them. We have 1.500 facebook friends that we invited when we opened the store, and not one of them has bought anything. Our family has told us that the candles are boring, and that they would rather shop at yankee candles. 90% of our friends are vegan, which is our target market, but the fact that they are not intrested is worrying.

I have a few ideas as to why this is not working, which I will list below.

1. Their soy candles were never popular to begin with, as they barley have any reviews on their website/amazon

2. Their branding is litteraly all over the product imagies, and they refuse to remove it. I am not sure if this matters, as yankee candles dropships with other retailers, and they dont have any issues.

3. The products are just simply boring.

4. We use USPS caluclated rates, which I imagine would cause cart abandonment. Unfourtunatly, we have to use them beacuse they use them. Also, our store charges for tax, and I am not sure if this is normal?

Note: we had to price match with our supplier beacuse of the branding. She offers a 25% discount that would basically be our profit, which is like 5 dollars. We could up the price, but then why would customers buy from us when they can get it from her cheaper.

Here is my website,

Here is their website,

I really wanted this to work, but I just dont know what to do. The store only opened a week ago, but these issues have been greatly bothering me, and I am wondering if I am wasting money/time. I would also like to note that I did not just throw up my store in a week, as I had worked on it for 4 months beforing opining it, as I really wanted to make this work.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Let me give you a piece of advice. Nowadays, simply pictures is not gonna cut it. You need to make a good looking video about how these candles can be used. Try to make it in few different ways. And have people with different races. Good luck

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When I check on Google trend and see that soy candles can be even better than flameless candles and home fragrance. It is so great, especially for Christmas. You can focus on Christmas to have some sales, which can motivate you up. Don't be so upset

I think you should start with the website. Here are a few comments for you:

1. Homepage: From top to bottom:

Message from the banner is great: A scent for any occasion. But try another banner that can describe this message: birthday, holiday, Christmas, dating night... Use real images for 3 categories, the graphics image is like being copied somewhere from the internet. You should also add a "best-sellers" section

2. Collection page: 

See that you are using the mix of white background and image background photos, which make your collection page a little messy, you should use only 1 style. Besides, I see a lot of "no review" item, which makes me so unsure. I do not want to be the first person to test your product, I would be more confident if someone has used it already and said that it's good

3. Product pages: The most important page

The product page is the end of the sale point, which make you either win or lose the customer. So please focus. Your product page is a little bit week to convert a customer

When shopping online, people are fearful of a lot of things. They fear of being deceived or receive a product that they do not actually like it. So you should add some elements to remove that fear

  • Add some fake customer reviews 
  • Add some trust badge to increase your trustworthy.
  • Add a link to shipping & return policy pages. So people will know that they can return if the product is not as expected
  • You have a lot of description, which is only in a haft of the page so that your product page is so long 
  • You have QnA, it's good, but try to put them in an accordion, so that people will be easier to follow and the page would not be so long  

You can also add some elements that push people to buy. For example, for the discount or most feature items:

  • Add a countdown clock to indicate that discount time is running out
  • Add a running-out-of-stock for feature/discount items

You should spend some time learning about website elements that help you increase sales, try going to other big e-commerce site and see how they make their product page. You can use a page builder to add these elements to your product page if the theme you are using does not support. I'm using pagefly page builder to import and edit my product page.

In the end, a customer may feel that the item is not really suitable when taking a closer look. You can add "Similar item" section and "People-also-like item" section to avoid customer from dropping out of your site.

4. About us page

Last but not least, about us page can have some impact because it increases customer trust and decreases the friction which prevents the customers to buy. Have a look at some about-us page example

After having a seem-to-be good website, drive traffic to test.

Shopify also tells you about low-cost traffic. I suggest that you should start with low-cost traffic but with high quality

Let's imagine you have 10000 visitors with $100, in 1 month and get just 1 sale. So in the end, you spend $100 and 1 month for only 1 sale, it is not worth. So that I prefer quality-traffic with a low budget. I just read this article about how to drive quality traffic to your Shopify store with low cost and would love to share with you. It's all about analyzing customers and create good content.

Finding low-cost traffic source is also a way for you to understand your customer better, do not just rely on advertising.

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Hell, thanks for replying

I have thought about doing this, but I didn't want to buy a candle beacuse they are a bit exspensive. It is something I will consider though.


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Hello, thanks for replying.

Wow thanks for all the information Amy! I really appreciate it.

I will deffentivly take your advice, and I will also read the articles that you provided.

Thank you

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Hi natasha,

As a web designer and content producer, I would want to point out some things that I find you can improve on your store.

First - design. Since you are selling home decor, it is important to showcase your products. Display them in an appealing way so people want them in their rooms and houses. Don't just upload pictures of your products for people to see. Also, I think you should choose a different color palette cause your products are quite neutral-colored. I feel like you want a modern, elegant theme, but it should complement your products and what you showcase, not drowning in them. When I look at your homepage, I find no focus and a "flow" to follow visually. I highly recommend you reading this article to improve the design of your website (or preferably, a landing page) -

Second - content. The content is not appealing enough. As a visitor, I don't find any special reason to buy this candle. Give me the reason not to pass! Your advantage is that you can provide a wide range of candle scents. However, different kinds of scents mean a variety of options, not BENEFITS yet. People come and return because of benefits. Create the need they are lacking of.

Third - tbh, your candles are quite expensive. It means that you should be careful in choosing your target audience and market. Inviting 1,500 Facebook friends doesn't mean anything if they are unwilling to spend more than $15 for a candle. Driving traffic is a long journey, so I recommend these articles that could help you choose the right market and drive traffic to your store -