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Hi guys,

I am new to shopify. I have my store opened for 2,3 weeks already and I am spending a lot of money on adds without any results. The biggest number of views I had for a day was 78 and customers are just looking at the front page mainly. I would like to know what I am doing wrong and how can I perform better? I know it takes time and doesn’t happen over the night but still I would take any advice! This is my first ecommerce experience  and what I am selling is actually handmade and with high quality. Any advices will be appreciated!


thank you

this is my website

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Hello. I would spruce up the homepage a bit. Maybe add some custom icons/graphics to help describe your products more.

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Hey, Lyudmil!

Selling handcrafted belts is a great idea. I see right away one of the reasons people might not be making purchases. When you click into your cataologue it looks like you only sell belt buckles. There are no pictures of the actual belts, no way to choose the colour or the size.

My recommendation is to add variants to your products, explained in this link. This will make it clearer to visitors to your site how to purchase the size and colour of the belts they're buying.

Make this change and I think your conversions will go up.

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the thing is that I have only one buckle of a type so if I add variations it appears that I have multiple products. So if a customer orders a certain buckle size M and black leather then the buckle is gone. That’s why I put clearly on the description the options and how they can choose - at checkout. 


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Hi Lyudmil

I like your site. Easy to navigate and nice quality pictures.  I think your issue is the search volume for this type of product and the keywords you are using on your site. 


Handcrafted leather belts

170 search volume keyword difficulty 44 which is medium. 

Custom leather belts has 1900 search volume keyword difficulty is 44. 

So same keyword difficulty but drastic difference in the number of searches. 

Also your product descriptions don’t have keywords. 

America bald eagle has 4400 searches but it isn’t for belt buckles. 

American bald eagle buckle has zero search volume 

Bald eagle buckle has zero search results

Eagle buckle has 30 search results

Custom buckle has 480 search results

You need to drill down and find the keywords people are searching for and use them on your pages. 

You could create content around:

How to care for leather belts

Search volume 30

Leather belt care 40 search volume 

Handmade leather belt 480 search volume ( a specific page on how you make your handmade leather belts-  use handmade leather belts in the page URL titles descriptions.

Change this URL to  eagle buckle

Go over your content and increase the keywords that are searched for. 

Hope this helps.