Not getting any traffic, but I think my site looks good??

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Hi fellow Shopify owners! Hope you are well!

I need some help. We at Belief ( feel we have a good site, good product (produced with organic cotton) and good photogenic material to get people to buy from us. However! We currently are barely getting 2 online store sessions a day and these are mainly organically from our growing Instragram page @beliefsupplyco. We tried the following:

- Facebook marketing - Pumped about £500 in and got nowhere, just likes. From networking with other brands and social media figures we found that unless you have around £3000 to spend (which we don't) then you won't get very far.

- Set up a small campaign on Pinterest but again didn't get much back.

- Spent some money on being featured on big pages on Instagram but found that we just attract either fake accounts or people that aren't really interested in the brand.

Any ideas what else we can do to get people to our site?

Look forward to hearing from you.



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How are you interacting with your followers?

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Hi there, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

First of all, really good work so far. It looks like you've put a lot of work into getting things this far and it shows. Let's take a look at what you can do with some of your campaigns to get more of an audience for your site:

  • You mentioned you have done some Facebook marketing. There is Facebook ad campaign called the 3x3x3 method which is based around finding the right audience for your products. It involves starting out with 3 ads, 3 different audiences and 3 sets of copy/images with a small budget for each, then monitor the results for each variable. You’ll notice some ads will perform better than others. Once you see some ads performing better than others, you can drop off the less successful ads and raise the budget for the ones which are working. There is a great article I found going into this in more detail which you can find here
  • Staying on Facebook for the minute, Kit is a tool which might be worth looking into if you have not already. Kit is essentially a virtual employee which helps you build an audience and drive sales from creating highly targeted Facebook ads. The Kit team does regular webinars which you can join or watch from the link here
  • You also mentioned you have spent some money and worked on Instagram. Organic Instagram engagement and creating/ getting involved in conversations with audiences is a technique that is worth exploring. By getting involved in conversations and not pushing to make a hard sell but simply engage, people will become curious and naturally check your store out. A top Shopify expert did a podcast recently and interviewed a store owner who implemented this successfully which you can listen to here

All the best, 


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Hey Dave,

Naana here, I see you've been on the move on getting traffic. Checked your site and you seem to have good products; that's impressive, but how are your searchers finding you? Are you being found at all? 

From your list of actions, it doesn't look like you've tried SEO. For visitors or buyers to locate you, one strategy to consider is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Work on getting your site out there. You have to think like your searchers. Make sure all or a large chunk of your SEO related issues are fixed. Ever wondered why your competitors are always on Google 1st Page? On-page Optimization is the first step of every successful SEO campaign and there's an app I'd recommend to help you do this. Find it here 

All the best,