not getting sales after customer reached checkout

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reached checkout but not complete sales

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Hi @waqas0321 

Could you please share your store's URL + which country you're targeting so I can better identify the potential issues and give you more tailored suggestions? 

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Hello @waqas0321 


I'd love to take a look at your store from the point of view of a growth marketing manager and suggest some improvements.

Feel free to share your store URL 🙂



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Hey @waqas0321 


Have you checked Hotjar or any other video capture tool  which can allow you to check what users are doing on checkout page? That also shows you if users facing any issues on checkout page. Also add exit popup with offer to make them purchase.

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If you drop your store URL I can go more in-depth but here are some general tips:

Here's a couple of thoughts:

  • Ensure you're optimizing for conversions on your ad platforms; otherwise, your visitors' intent-to-buy may be lower.
  • Ensure your site has social proof, but I believe being too pushy with timers etc. hurts customer trust as the average consumer has become more aware
  • AB test, AB test, AB test.


If you're interested, I recently launched my free Shopify app, Crowly. It allows you to swiftly generate and optimize your products' pricing and descriptions through completely automated A/B testing.


The app has a free plan + I'd really love some feedback as well 😁


If you like it, I'd be happy to send you an app credit so you can test out the Plus plan.


All the best,


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