Not getting sales; I have little traffic.

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I don't understand why I havve traffic but no sales. I launched about 1 week ago, I get approx 200 visits per day. I have launched 2 facebook ads with $15 dollars each. I just got 1.500 impressions and 26 clicks.

I dont have yet not one sale. May you please help me on maybe should i drop more money on ads or is it my page thats bad please give me advice i am going crazy here. 

My goal is to get at least 1,000 page views a day and maybe i can get 2%  if that i converated sales.

my page is


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Hi there,

Firstly, be patient. You only launched a week ago. 

To me, this seems to be an issue around marketing and design. Marketing wise, are you targeting social media? Do you have most major social media accounts? How are you accomplishing this? Have you looked into SEO best practices? There are countless marketing guides, like this Beginner's Guide to SEO by Moz.

From a design standpoint, it doesn't seem like your website is structured in a way that would be particularly appealing to customers. It lacks cohesiveness in terms of branding, and the product selection is too varied and random to attract any particular group of people. From the customer's standpoint, why would they buy random items from a seller they are not too familiar when they can go to Amazon directly? Not to mention, the items look obviously dropshipped, and the incongruity in the product images is awkward. Seamlessness is really important in an age where all professional websites are pretty much perfect.

Also, and this is just a side note, I'd recommend making the most out of your website's white space. The margins are really wide.

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Hello Beaships,

My name is Chris Burgess and I am a digital marketer.  I totally understand where you are coming from, as I have owned several Shopify stores myself.  However, there are many marketing strategies to boost sales and revenue.  I would love to help you with this!  If you are interested in my help, shoot me an email at and I would love to give your website and facebook ads a free consultation.

Best Wishes,

Chris Burgess

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I will break my response into two main parts to address your question:

No Sales:

I agree with Beaships, your website needs more work in terms of branding and user experience. Give your website and brand a personality and let that be seen accross all your content from emails to blogs.

Also, you need to convince your visitors and turn them into buyers. There a couple of stuff you can do to achieve this, like using reviews, clear and contextual photos, trust badges etc
Here is a blog that addresses this issue and it presents some amazing solutions

Low traffic:

Using ads can sometimes be tricky when starting out since your main approach will be to create prospecting ads which are most often a hit or miss. You will need to experiment more with your targeting. Also, research your niche and find out the interest or keywords to target.
Use Facebook audience insights and Google keyword planner to optimize your targeting. But you must be ready to spend when it comes to ads.

What I will recommend is to rather drive organic traffic through SEO. Build and execute an organic strategy such as content marketing to help you boost your SEO and search ranking.

Then when you start getting some traffic and sales use that data to build up a lookalike audience and retargeting campaigns. That will be more effective than just targeting interests or keywords.

Fix your onpage SEO issues so search engines can index your site and drive organic traffic. Here are some resources to help you achieve that.

Why your Shopify store is not showing on Google and how to fix it

How to write SEO friendly product descriptions for your Shopify store

A guide to writing exceptional SEO titles and descriptions for your Shopify store

Product visibility
One way of driving traffic is to list your product on multiple sales channels such as shopping engines. This I will recommend you do at a later stage in your business growth. When you are ready to do that this app can help you create product feeds and list your products on shopping engines such as Google shopping. App link

Hope these tips help. 

Ben Kissi Head of Growth, Kudobuzz RetailTower