Not getting traffic and sales from FB/Insta ads (zero conversion) more than a year

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Hello everyone,


Conversion Rate 0%

No Sales from Facebook / Insta ads (spending more than $10 budget daily on different campaigns and ad sets.

Daily Visitors 60-100


Traffic Sources

Interest-based targeting traffic with Engaged Shopper's Behavior

Footwear shoes, sneakers addict, sneakers, online shopping, applied each in one ad set with Engaged Shopper's Behavior

Landing Page: 


No Single Conversion From Facebook / Insta

1-3 conversions from Pinterest in a month



We are offering Free Shipping

Price Discounts

Trust Badges are there

Sales Pop-up 

Live chat - Facebook


Store Launch More than a year


Now about to shut it down because of too much loss in marketing


Please help to resolve this issue 😞


Thanks & Regards,

TCM Store Owner


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Shopify Partner
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Couple of things to look at

  • Instead of running multiple small budget ad sets, just run 2 to 3 but allocate more than $10 budget
  • Since your landing page product is $70 and spending just $10 per day across many ad sets might never work, you will have to spend close to AOV, or sometimes even more than that initially
  • You will have to increase budget per day along with it, source some UGC content if you haven't already
Kanish Jain
Performance Marketing Expert