Not show up for organic search engine results for a specific keyword

Not show up for organic search engine results for a specific keyword

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People think we sell vacuums because of our brand name, but we do not sell cleaning products! I want to make it so our shoplifty store is not seen by people searching for these vacuums with a certain keyword. How can this be achieved without ads or spending money? Thanks!

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Do you have a physical location or strictly online? 


1. Build backlinks

2. Use google keyword planner to find keywords to include in your website content.

3. Request google to crawl your site.

4. Use social channels to direct traffic. You can create SEO micro content through social.

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Hello @PCPFamily,

Greetings from flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $7Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot! I am Gina, and I am here to help.

Here are a few methods to ensure that your Shopify store doesn't appear in search results when a specific keyword is used.

* Ensure that the title and meta descriptions of your store are aligned with the products you offer. This will aid Google in understanding your store's purpose and reduce the likelihood of irrelevant search results displaying your store.

* Incorporate high-quality images and videos on your store pages to enhance your search result rankings and increase the likelihood of users clicking on your store's links.

* Boost your search rankings by acquiring reputable websites' quality backlinks. Reach out to relevant blogs, websites, or influencers in your industry and request them to link to your store. This will enhance your store's visibility among the appropriate audience while pushing down unrelated search results.

* Create content that centers around your actual products or services, such as informative blog posts, guides, or tutorials specific to your niche. By generating valuable content, you can attract your target audience and improve your store's visibility for relevant keywords.

* Use negative keywords to tell Google which terms or phrases you don't want your store to be connected with.

* Implement canonical tags to inform search engines which page is the primary version of a web page. If your store has multiple pages with identical content, canonical tags can help designate the main page. This prevents search engines, particularly Google, from displaying duplicate content in search results.

* Encourage customers to leave reviews on your website or popular review platforms. Genuine reviews can attract the right audience and enhance your search rankings.

* Exclude keywords from your meta descriptions, which are brief snippets of text appearing below your store's title in search results. By omitting keywords from meta descriptions, you indicate to Google that these keywords are not relevant to your store and should not impact your store's ranking in search results.

* Implement a password page to prevent your store from appearing in search results. By employing a password page, users must enter a password before accessing your store.

I hope this information proves useful.


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Can I ask what's the name of your store and what you sell?

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you can try to check your keywords you used it can be that people are searching for that base on your niche or mixed up your keywords

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SERPs showing up in ways different than you expected/worked towards is not uncommon and most of the time can be attributed to incorrect on-page SEO. So, audit your content and pronounce more the keywords you want to highlight by proper H1/H2 and meta tags. Also, try to expand on your niche as much as you can by doing more keyword research and even paying attention to Google's autosuggest. Paid traffic can help as well, but I think you can see results without investing for now (aside from the time investment...)