Old Store Name being listed in Goolge

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I have been playing around with creating a shopify store during the free trial period and have learnt allot by making mistakes. My problem is I created a shop name that doesn't match my private domain name. I have re-name my shopify store to match my domain name, but when a search in google it is listing as my initial shopify store name. All the names below a fictional.

That is I initially created shopify store called Mary's Stuff (this is  a fictional name for example only),

  • My domain name is Marysstore.com.
  • I want my shopify store name to reflect my domain name Mary's Store
  • I renamed my shopify store to Mary's Store in shopify, but
  • When I googled marysstore.com it says Mary's Stuff - Opening soon

Can this be fixed so it lists as Mary's Store in Google?

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also what is the underlying myshopify.com subdomain "marys-stuff.myshopify.com",etc?

Regardless just because you change a setting on one platform does not mean a separate platform will reflect that change.

SEO takes time to update, even longer if previous content was high ranking and heavily linked to with that information.

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Dear @Mila62 


Do 301 redirection and use Google search console 

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It says that marysstore.com is for sale, are you sure this is the correct url?