One question about IG Influencers.

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Hi guys!!


I'm going to launch my clothing line brand in about 3 weeks, 

I have very specific audience for this kind of clothing line, I have 17 IG Microinfluencers with high engagement  that are willing to post a pictures few times etc.


I just have one question since I never done this before but did check carefully my competitors and their marketing strategy, they all use IG Influencers.


My question is, if my niche is for specific audience, and only influencers that related to this audience will promote me, does it supposed to provide me traffic to my website and followers to my IG page?

Does anyone had success with IG Influencers? (I'm talking on 15k-50k at most with 10% engagement that are willing to post a picture with promo code for commision per sale).

And again I repeat, 80% of their followers are related to this specific line.


Let me know what you think, I just got paniced that IG Influencers marketing is no longer works as it was before because of many competitors.


Thank you so much

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Hi Daniel,

It seems you have a well thought out strategy for how you're engaging with influencers. We usually recommend testing with microinfluencers first to see how they perform. 

Influencer marketing has one major weakness. That weakness is tracking. While it’s true we live in a tech-focused world, the tools used for tracking influencer social media campaigns are behind. Since influencers are still pretty new, it’s hard for small brands to track their results without spending hours collecting and analyzing data. 

Working with influencers is valuable. But for more indirect reasons. It helps with publicity and improves your brand’s credibility. It’s a low ROI strategy.

Yes, these influencers can directly generate sales, but you have to set that as an expectation and hold them accountable for it. Free or discounted stuff in exchange for some forced FB and Instagram posts doesn’t cut it these days. Influencers need to understand they are expected to personally advocate the your brand when possible.

There are many businesses who have benefited from influencer campaigns, and we cannot deny that. And you may have come across influencer marketing stats that claim that influencer campaigns can generate a massive return on investment. To some extent, those claims are true.

We have a lot of customers who have success with influencer marketing for their eCommerce business. What’s their secret sauce for success? They use influencer marketing and advertising together to generate sales. How does it work? It’s pretty simple:

  • A Shopify store setups an ad campaign in under 2 minutes with Pollen
  • The influencer will then posts on social media platforms with links to the Shopify store
  • The store will see a massive traffic boost and get some “window shoppers”
  • Because the store uses Pollen, our super awesome machine learning technology will capture them with a retargeting pixel
  • The visitor will leave the site, but sees retargeting ads as they browse Facebook and other websites reminding them of the site the influencer pointed them towards
  • As the visitor sees more retargeting ads, they’ll go ahead and become more likely to purchase a product
  • Products are then purchased and sales go up!

Like we said before, it’s pretty simple. Shopify influencer marketing and retargeting advertising offer you an easy way to generate sales that result in a great ROI.

Read more here.

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You comment made me so happy, that was my plan.


I wanted to start with IG Influencers and then retarget the visitors and use lookalike custom ads.

My only fear was if I use 30 influencers for example (All will be micro as I said but with high engagment)

that no visitors will come to my site, although I know it's almost impossible but I just negative most of the time and think about the wrost case to prepare my self on new startegy.


So basically you say that I'm ok with my plan and Microinfluencers will provide me traffic and sales?


And I repeat, I will use high quality influencers that are very close to my audience.


Thank you@!!

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I think your plan has a good start. You should be able to see some initial traction because the influencers match your audience. Just be sure to use some retargeting ads since 98% of first visits don't result in a sale 🙂

And just to self-promote here, our Pollen Shopify app ( can help you get better results from your Facebook ads.

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It sounds like you have a pretty good strategy going for your influencers, but I do have a few suggestions that I think will help: 


-In order to gain followers to your own IG page, you'll need to include a call to action in the post that says something to the effect of "If you want to see more great fashion, follow @handle." That will provide the followers with clear instructions to find you and follow you.

-You may want to provide more freedom to your group of influencers. For the top performers that brought the most traffic to your site from your first promotion, you may want to let them create their own content to share your brand more authentically and organically with their audience. Posting the same picture to all accounts may appear too "branded," and letting your influencers honestly recommend your brand may resonate with their audiences better. 


Good luck!