Ongoing Automatic Discount for VIP Members

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Hi, I would like to set up an ongoing automatic discount for a VIP customer segment where it is applied automatically when they type their name in the checkout. I want to avoid them typing in a discount code each time. I would really appreciate any thoughts?

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You should choose a different field(unique) instead of the name!
Multiple customers can be there with the same name.

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Hoping someone has some thoughts on my question above? Thanks

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Why not 'tag' the account , so they need to login, make their account VIP, they login so they can get a VIP discount/ pricing, instead of typing their name in the checkout..?

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Hi Johan, we considered this but the view of the team is that it creates too much  'buyer friction' for our customers.

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Hi @Fiona000 
Did you find a solution for this, if not you can try using a Custom Discount App for the same.

As you only want the discount to be shown to the VIP Customer Segment, you might be using tags for the VIP customers, Using these tags you can create custom discounts for these customers on each product. You can check the Discount Depot App (, 
I have been using the Discount Depot app for my website to automatically show products at discounted prices for my VIP customers. We can create a rule of 20% discount for VIP customers which makes all my customers tagged with VIP Customers have a 20% discount on all the products they purchase. 

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