Only One image showing in commerce manager

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I have multiple images of each product in Shopify but when I update them on Fb commerce manager only one image is updated there. What can I do so that all images are exported in FB commerece manager

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Hello @Alokholistik,

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If you are encountering a situation where only one image is being updated in Facebook Commerce Manager for your Shopify products, there are several actions you can take to ensure that all the images are exported correctly. Here are some recommended steps.

-> Confirm that all images are correctly assigned to their respective products in Shopify. Double-check the product configurations to ensure that each product has the appropriate images associated with it. Verify that the images are uploaded correctly for any product variants, if applicable.

-> Clear the cache in your Facebook Commerce Manager. Sometimes, synchronization issues can arise due to cached data. By clearing the cache, you can refresh the product information and display all the images accurately.

-> Re-establish the integration between Shopify and Facebook Commerce Manager. Disconnect the integration between the two platforms and then reconnect it. This process helps in establishing a fresh connection and resolving any potential synchronization problems.

-> Manually update the product feed in Facebook Commerce Manager. Instead of relying on automatic updates, take the initiative to manually update the product feed. You can achieve this by uploading a new product catalog or using a scheduled feed update. This manual update will prompt Facebook to retrieve the latest product information from your Shopify store, including all the associated images.

-> Pay attention to any error messages or warnings. While updating the product feed in Facebook Commerce Manager, carefully review any error messages or warnings that may indicate issues with image imports. Take appropriate actions to address any specific errors or warnings mentioned.

-> Contact the support teams of Shopify or Facebook. If the issue persists despite attempting the above steps, it is recommended to seek assistance from the support teams of both Shopify and Facebook. They can further investigate the problem, provide specific guidance, and help troubleshoot the issue more effectively.

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