Ooh, the pain: How to send email sequences by customer interest

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My pain point: I have a series of educational emails that I'd like to send to my customers. For the sake of simplicity, let's say I run a clothing store. And I want to email all purchasers of men's clothing a series of email tips that I've stolen from Reddit's Male Fashion Advice forum. (Just kidding. I wouldn't really do that, but many people do.)

Ideally, I could email everybody in a collection. That would work fine. However, none of the email services I use (MailChimp and AWeber) can view Shopify collections (my guess is that collections are created dynamically). MailChimp, for example, can email purchasers of one single product (e.g., the Don Johnson Teal Muscle T-Shirt XXL), but obviously that won't work for emailing everybody else who did not purchase that muscle tee. I have looked at a couple of other services as well--ConvertKit, Hubspot, Remarkety, Klaviyo, to name four. And something this specific is hard to find out without contacting them first. (I have support tickets in at several services already.)

I am currently looking into a way to use Zapier to query Shopify by SKU or Tags, and then figure out a way to get customers into the right email segments.

Anybody have any thoughts on how to achieve this? I thought this would be a lot simpler than it's turning out to be.

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Drip has this integration with Shopify, but their form creation and management is terrible compared to Convertkit.  I wish Shopify would provide an equal integration with all the applications.

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Hi there, I would recommend Klaviyo. I haven't done exactly what your talking about but I've played with Klaviyo enough to know that there is enough flexibility and freedom to be able to do what your asking for! Watch some more Klaviyo instruction videos or just create a free account and try to figure something out on your own:)


If you can't I am here to help 🙂


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