Open Rate - Resend Email Marketing to those that didn't open initial campaign email

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I wonder if anyone can help. I want to be able to resend a marketing email to those that didn't open it but I can't see a feature to do this. Is it possible to get access to the tracking data to do this?


I obviously don't want to pester people that have opened the original email marketing.


Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi SiCymru, 

I've the same issue. Did you find any solution to it?


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Hi. I contacted Support on this because of the same issue. Unfortunately, their marketing tool leaves lot to be desired for adequate or efficient email marketing and retargeting. Here's what the support agent said: "I hear you, and after looking into this, it's not an available feature at this time. While I can see this is a limitation to the current setup, I'd be glad to submit feedback to our internal development team on this. There would be no way to directly followup with you on this request, but the more an absent feature is requested, the more likely our team is to consider it." - In essence... yeah, it's convenient and cheap, but to truly conduct email marketing campaigns, they will only tell you the % of opens, but no other information. Too bad.

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AGREE!  Shopify - YOU NEED THIS OPTION.  PLEASE GET THE PRODUCT ROADMAP ASAP.  Not to mention, your batch sending is soooo slow!   

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Shopify recently updated the "Customers" section with much more powerful filters.  For instance, you can now exclude customers with specific tags (impossible previously).  Shopify Email leverages those filters to send to a segment of customers.  I'm hopeful they will add the ability to filter based on marketing interactions (ie has not clicked the last 3 emails).


That being said, the Marketing app REALLY needs a simple checkbox for "resend to non-openers after X days".