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Hi Everyone


it would be great to get everyone feedback on the my website https://stantonoak.weebly.com

Much appreciated


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This is shopify forum, why your website is weebly? 

Anyway you site is very simple, you only sell one products?

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H1 tag is missing on your website which is an important ranking factor. So fix it and 17 images are without alt tag, So fix these 2 issues as soon as possible.



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How come there is only one product?

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If you need a better sunglasses photos, send me a note.
My rate is only $8 per photo.

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Thats the only think i can actually make with my hands....havent mastered anything else

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Hi, George,

It's an awesome and nice website idea (one product page). It looks great and arrive at the point, No fireworks, No popups or annoying ads. PERFECT... but you have to consider:

1- Remove duplicates from the pages titles.

2- Try to add more relevant content (Text Blocks with images relevant to your product).

3- Try to make BUY BUTTON more visible with eye-catching style (or add a background to it.)

4- You must check you page SEO (Google for Check Website SEO Score) to make sure it appears in search engines results.

Please add in your mind:

  • See other relevant websites ideas and take New Design ideas from it.
  • Promote your page on Social Media websites.
  • Make Quality Backlinks to your page.
  • If you have some extra bucks. Run Google Adwords Campaign.

Finally, You'll be surprized with Nice Sales Volume and Commission $$$ 🙂

Good Work... Go ahead + Never listen to disappointing comments + Trust yourself.

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Actually your site looks very vague and pretty much empty. I think when you create a website it will be better adding some products at the beginning itself as that is what creates an impression among the audience. This site is simple and smooth but a website should have some content in it and I guess you can work on that