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Hi there, 

I launched a website some months ago, now it is not going bad but thing can only get better. SEO is not optimized in my opinion, but I find it hard to start somewhere. Please give me any feedback about the website ( design/ feel and look/conversion tips/ seo). 


Tim van den Bekerom

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I really like your website, the design and the whole look is nice, clean and professional. There is just a few things you might take a look at.

For example, since you have only two product and it is based on a story and idea behind, I would put at least some part of it (a few words, some info) right under the first picture at the homepage, so that the people can see your vision of the business you do.

Then to the "contact us" part, it is great you have the form there, it is a good way how to reach you, but if I were you, I would consider adding also your email address and physical address - it makes it more trustworthy and customers know with who they are communicating.

Last thing from me is that once you get some traffic to your website, you can try to start using our retargeting ROI Hunter Easy app, which brings back your previous visitors back to your shop with customised ads of product they were looking at but didn´t finish the purchase - it serves as a little reminder for them as well.

Wish you good luck!