Opt-Out for Specific Campaigns (e.g. Mother's Day)

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It seems to be increasingly the case that a lot of brands are engaging in 'compassionate email marketing' in that they allow customers to opt-out for emails relating to potentially sensitive dates such as Mother's Day.


I was hoping there could be an automation that, through email, would prompt subscribers to click a button if they do not want to receive Mother's Day emails whereby after clicking, a tag would be assigned to them that would allow me to make a segment that ecludes anyone with that tag. 


After playing around a little bit with automation there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.


Maybe it's a case we need to look into some kind of App that would let us do this. Anyone have any recommendations? Would really like to take this approach this year but we seem limited by capability.

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Hi @RyanV1 ,


This is Richard from PageFly - Landing Page Builder. Nice to talk.

I understand that you want a tool that allows you exclude audiences who are not interested in a specific campaign from its email marketing list, right?


Did you try Mailchimp app? I've heard that they have a way to exclude email addresses. So you should contact to a person from their support team to ask further.


Also there are some email marketing apps you can check:

  • Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS
  • Seguno: Email Marketing

Hope it helps!

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Yes, this is the one thing that Shopify Email Marketing is lacking.  I've recently stopped Klaviyo and decided I can do the same on Shopify Automations / Flows, however this is one thing that Shopify Email is not capable of.  Lets hope its is an added feature soon.