Our first Product Hunt launch!!

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Hey Shopify fam,

My team and I have just launched our app (ModeMagic) on Product Hunt. We’re a bunch of eCommerce experts, tech enthusiasts and design nerds who are passionate about the online shopping experience.

About ModeMagicModeMagic allows Shopify merchants to apply labels easily to their products and add trust, social proof, highlight sales & features on their products. The aim was to help store owners going online due to COVID-19 to have tools to runs their stores better and drive sales! Applying labels on products will allow to user to take faster decisions and increase conversions.

I believe you'll find it very useful! Looking forward to your feedback / questions.


Here's the link: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/ecommerce-labels-by-modemagic

Offering 10 extra free credits in our app as a part of Product Hunt launch today😄(PHMM10)

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