Outspent on advertising by competitors?

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Hey everyone!

I’m consulting for an upcoming ad agency that’s doing something kinda nuts…

Basically, this company delivers an all inclusive video funnel, similar to Sandwich, Chamber Media, and Harmon Brothers. So, their ad system is a giant video funnel - a cinematic universe! Includes the development of the entire campaign, the videos, the photos, the assets, email drips, retargeting, etc... ad spend and distribution, etc.

Instead of paying for these massively expensive campaigns (that many can’t afford), they leverage investment capital to 100% pay for your advertising in exchange for a small rev-share until the balance is paid back.

This means companies that are being outspent by competitors can now accelerate growth with ad campaigns created by the worlds best ad teams.

The campaigns themselves are managed with one vendor on the customer side, making it MUCH easier and seamless for you to grow your revenue without having to deal with loads of vendors or people.

I’d love to know the following, and I appreciate your input in advance! This would REALLY help me deliver some great data to the company, and I also think the opportunity for Companies is incredible because being outspent by a competitor could be a life / death situation for the future of your company.

Thank you in advance!!!

How much do you spend / year in advertising expenditures? (or your client)

What is your average return on your advertising investment?

If you could spend 3, 4, 5 x your current spend, without having the upfront costs to do so, would you? How much would be amazing for you?

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