Over 1,000 pages excluded from Google indexing!

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I just discovered that according to the Google Search Console, I have 1,041 pages on my website being excluded from the Google index due to "Page with redirect", see attached for an example of one.

Many of these pages are the core of my business and really should be indexing.

Can anyone explain to me what this means and how I can fix it?  Thanks!


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Page redirect means the pages on your websites are going to either a not found or another page.

Following are possible reasons:

1.) some hacked into your hosting and hijacking your website traffic to their site

2.) you might have a misconfigured htaccess or php redirect or html redirect code inserted into theme file

3.) SSL may be misconfigured

may be some other reasons, it can only be told by who worked on your site recently. 

I just took a random url of your website and checked for redirects that page is fine, if you can give a page url that is having this issue i can check that for you.

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I just found its just canonical tag thats used to deinxed variant pages of your store. This is good and nothing to worry, your product pages are still indexed. 

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Is the Google-selected canonical the value of the URL being excluded? If not, what is that report referring to?

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You can use Google Search Console to crawl your source page, then check does it 301 redirect, else should check for cannonical tag on source page (as your attachment suggested)

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They are just vairations of your product page, there is nothing you need to worry. 

Variations are nothing but customization option you are providing for your product.

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Your example doesn't show which URL is being inspected, it only shows the canonical. That would be helpful.

Basically the message says that your page is being redirected (or canonicalized) to a different URL so Google isn't going to index both of them, just the master (destination of redirect or canonical)