Over 1k Visitors in a Day, Only ONE SALE? What's wrong with my store?

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Hi Guys-


I have been working on generating sales on a website, dadhatsupplyco.com and we have been getting traffic, people are adding to cart and getting to checkout, but not very many people are purchasing! This is increasingly concerning as I am trying to begin generating ALOT more sales with Google shopping ads soon, and I don't know why my store isn't converting. I have attached screenshots of what it has been so far today, yesterday, and the traffic for yesterday as well with 1,027 visitors. 


I also attached a screenshot of the online conversion rate from the last 30 days, which was only 1.20%. I would appreciate if anyone could help me and let me know what I'm missing!


My email is dave@dadhatsupplyco.com or reach out to me here directly!

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Congrats on getting traffic ramping up on your site.  But, as most marketers willl tell you, not all traffic is the same. I took a look at your site, a few things to consider:

1. On your homepage, I'm getting a couple of competing popups.  I'm seeing a Chat Prompt, two popups from two different apps and occasionally a the "Spin the Wheel."  See here: https://cl.ly/oyYK

2. The "Reviews" tab is featuring two really negative reviews.  Ouch - this would be an instant turn-off for me.  See here: https://cl.ly/oycE

3. Your "Add to Cart" sort of jumps around.  I get you are trying to get people to be attracted to it by animating it, but how about a place that I can find easily and quickly and where I expect it? (Next to the "Add to Wishlist" button perhaps?)  See here: https://cl.ly/oyW3

4. I signed up for your newsletter (the one on the botttom of your page).  I didn't get an email confirmation. Did you hook this up correctly wiith your email provider?

5. I purposedly "abandoned" a checkout to see what would happen.  I'll report back to see if I got a cart abandonement email (or email follow-ups). 

Hope this helps!


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Hi There,

Good job on getting traffic to your store. Mind sharing the sources you're generating your traffic from? 

Few suggestions on the flow -

1. First fold on the home page doesn't talk about anything else apart from the brand name itself. You should utilize this space to talk about what does your store offers followed by an action that a user should take. 

2. There are a bunch of pop-ups that appear during a fresh session. You should time them better. For instance, the pop-up showing discount coupon can come up when a user is in the purchase journey.

3. Instead of showing a review tab, you can pick up the best reviews and put them up on the home-page.

4. On the product pages you're using a lot of space to show different images of the same product. You can combine them in a slideshow or better cover this up under product description.

5. Add-to-cart button is hard to notice, it should be a part of actions section (Add-to-wishlist, share it on social)

6. Product description needs to be curated better, there's redundant/generic description that shows up for different products.

7. Reviews show up at the very end, it breaks the flow. Product description, reviews should be closely aligned. 

Happy to discuss these points further. All the best!

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Hey Dave,

We agree with the changes from other members above! We realized at the end of the day that traffic quality matters most. We get high converting traffic from Cranberri (https://cranberri.io) and Facebook / IG. It's been insane the past few months. We operate a few e-commerce stores and just became active on the forums to help other fellow Shopify entrepreneurs. You can email me directly at monicafeldman1212@gmail.com if you'd like some tips!

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Hey Monica!


Thanks for your response! Sent you over an email, looking forward to hearing back!

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My conversion rate is only 0.7%.

You need to sell stuff people want and can't get elsewhere.


Side note: I'm seeing a ton of posts from people complaining about the lack of sales, but it's more about WHAT you are selling, than HOW you are selling.

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Hey there,

I'm going to address each of your issues stated. 

First - people adding to cart but not checking out. 

I suggest testing on every single device you have access to and make sure there is not some technical reason for this. For example, maybe your cart works great on iphone safari but not iphone chrome, or works great on laptops but barely at all on android tablets. You may be surprised by what you discover. 

Second - conversion rate of only 1.2% Of course higher is possible, but I've talked to plenty of people who would LOVE to have a conversion rate that high. Don't assume that because it sounds small that is is actually "bad". Converting 1.2% is a solid start believe it or not. Still, it could be better ...

Third - converting more visitors to customers.

Not all traffic is equal. You sell hats, and while it's true that everybody has a head ... not everybody wears hats. And of those who do, not everyone will like these designs. If you sold candy, some people only like chocolate, some people can't have sugar at all, so it won't do you any good to have visitors to your site who could never have been a customer in the first place. 

Of your 1,027 visitors you mentioned, do you have any idea how many of them were truly potential customers

Here's what I suggest. Since you have had some sales, you are now able to begin building a profile of what your potential customer looks like. Hypothetically let's say you have pretty much all guys ages 24-32, and two women, one age 26 and one age 52. 

Best thing would be to survey them and get feedback - but without that, you can make an educated guess or two. So if this was your pool of clients, you would know that targeting guys ages 24-32 is key. What about the ladies? Well, looking at the ages I may assume they bought for a boyfriend and son. Of course that may be completely incorrect, maybe they bought them for themselves - in any case, percentage wise, they would be a much smaller percentage of your target group. 

You can use this info to set up audience targeting for Facebook ads (which are relatively inexpensive) and target EXACTLY the demographics you know are potential customers. Same for Adwords but with less accuracy. And if paid channels are out of the question, you have regular social media - you can follow, like, share, etc and focus on people in your demo. 

That way you will know the next 1,000 visitors are likely to buy. If you go through these steps, then yes, 1.2% is a little on the low side. I would expect to see it climb after thsi type of customer segmentation. 

Ok, I'll put down the mic ... 

Hope this helps. Would love you hear what you do next!





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One more thing! I got this in an email this morning, thought you might be interested in it to help deal with the abandond cart issue: https://sumo.com/stories/ecommerce-cart-abandonment-calculator

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You should run FB Ads campaign with the targeted customer, it will help you to bring real customer.