Over 200 visits no sales in the last 7 days need advice gaming supplement site

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Using Facebook Ads. I just stoped the Ads today to go back to the drawing board.

shopify shows the last 7days i have 205 visits. Facebook says 317 link clicks All with no sales. 

 I had a popup for subscribers to be entered in our monthly giveawys by join our mailing list (this month is a gaming headset from astro that cost $300) not 1 person subscribed. This is surprising to me 

Facebook Audience -

Gender - Men

Age - 18-34

Location - USA

Detailed targetring - 5 of the most popular Esport teams and the most popular counter strike online league 

So I keep trying facebook and change the detailed targeting?

I plan to try twitter this week

Any advice would be helpful



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Din webshop er rigtig fin - altså special hvilket gør den interessant.

Men bør du måske ikke segmentere anderledes med yngre personer? Desto yngre din målgruppe er på Facebook, desto billigere er din kliks. Især her op mod jul, så tror jeg på, at din segmentering med en yngre målgruppe ville give en masse julegaveønsker. 

Med hensyn til direkte konverteringer på siden, så kan det altså også være svært at finde ud af hvor man køber selve produkter, og forbrugerne er altså hurtige, hvis de ikke kan finde CTA-knapperne, så går de ud af siden hurtigt. 

Du nævner bl.a. noget med en pop-up der spørger om mailen, så du kan bygge en e-mail liste op. Den kommer slet ikke frem hos mig, og det kan evt være at der er fejl i den, og derfor altså ikke bliver vist. Ellers er det mærkeligt med 0 subscribers. 

Opsummering: Din side er fin. Men det kan være du skal kombinere designet med noget mere simpelt og konvertingsrigt i stedet for, så du kan få nogle salg i hus, og dermed øge markedsføringbudget for fremtidigt succes.

Du er velkommen til at tage fat i mig. Jeg har drevet webshops med op imod 500 ordre om dagen - f.eks. en dag med omsætning på 15.000$ på én dag. I dag hjælper jeg store Shopify Plus kunder med online succes.

Kasper, www.en.sedia.dk

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OOPS - here is english version. My fault!


Your webshop is really nice - so special which makes it interesting.

But should you not segment differently with younger people? The younger your audience is on Facebook, the cheaper your click. Especially on Christmas, I think your segmentation with a younger audience would give a lot of Christmas wishes.

With regard to direct conversions on the page, it may also be difficult to find out where to buy the products themselves, and consumers are fast if they can not find the CTA buttons, so they leave the page quickly.

You mention something with a pop-up asking for the mail so you can build an email list up. It does not come up with me at all, and it may be wrong, and therefore not shown. Otherwise, it is strange with 0 subscribers.

Summary: Your page is fine. But you may have to combine the design with something more simple and convertive instead of allowing you to get some sales in house, thus increasing your marketing budget for future success.

Feel free to grab me. I have run webshops by up to 500 orders a day - eg. one day with sales of $ 15,000 in one day. Today, I help big Shopify Plus customers with online success.

Kasper, www.en.sedia.dk

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Hi Jeff,

You have created a really wonderful website, I can't stop browsing!

You said you created a pop-up for newsletter subscription. May I ask if you have tested using other pop-ups? My advice would be to create exit intent pop-ups to offer discounts or coupon codes or free shopping when your user is intending to leave the website. Those offers can make him change the mind and return to shop. 

You can use CRO tool Backtocart which enables you to create exit-intent pop-ups and even more. It is free so you can just try. 

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I change the pop-up now and plan to run some more adds.


I will look in to  backtocart 

Thank you for the input!!


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Hi Jeff,

Converting Facebook ad clickers on their first visit can be a very hard thing to do.

The people you target on Facebook aren't waiting for your gaming supplements. 

That's why you could give them something that they do want, like a chance to enter that gaming headset.

Run ads to promote your monthly give away, then convert them via email or with retargeting ads.

I know it can feel a round about way to make sales, but creating ads that people actually want in their newsfeeds will make a world of difference!

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I would think out of the box, start hitting up gaming reddits, discords, any online tournament websites etc.

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I also create a games related stuff specially related to subway surfers games items which I put on the store. But i see there is no sale for this product on the store for last one month. Any solution for it.