Page not indexing on Google despite all best practices of indexing have been made

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Our new site launched ≈1 month ago and 90% of our pages have been indexed on google.

One page however, (the most important one) won't get indexed even after multiple attempts of troubleshooting.

When checking the page status on Google Search Console, it shows the message: "Discovered - currently not indexed"

Here's what has been done:

  • Several internal links are pointing to the page
  • Sitemap submitted and confirmed in GSC
  • Live test through GSC done on page, returning sucessfull results.
  • Crawling requested through GSC
  • No blocking from robots.txt or Noindex

Here is the page:

Anyone been in a similar situation or know why this might be happening? Could it be that google has a difficult time crawling this specific page or is it just a matter of waiting until it recrawls the site?

Appreciate any help.

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Hi @xzshams

You've done all the right steps - and adding to the mix the fact that your site is brand new, ~ 1 month old, it should take a while for your product page to get indexed and ranked on Google. 

Double checked the site on Ahrefs, I could also see that your site's Domain Rating and URL rating are both 0 - so it might explain why your product page is not indexed yet. 

Screenshot (16).png

The best thing you can do right now is to write more blog post - as blog post, generally speaking, is easier to rank than Product Pages. Then drive internal links from your blog posts to your product pages. 

As you update your website content on a regular basis, your domain authority will get stronger and stronger and the pages will be indexed much quicker. 

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Thanks for the answer! I was afraid that there were no "quick fixes" to this issue.

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Hello XZshams!

you dont need to worry about your site indexing problem.When I was started Websites to Downloads Yoruba Movies,it taked six months to indexing it on first page.there are possible many reasons but its normsl thin