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Hi guys! Hopefully can someone help me out on this one...

I support an entrepreneur of a new product with online marketing; he's a quite new Shopify user with the domain To get more insight via Google Analytics I'd like to set goals / funnels for him in Google Analytics. I know you have to add the steps (to the conversion goal) with /, such as:

But, unfortunately, our URL's during the checkout are not so clean. In fact, you get these URL's while ordering at now:

1.  (good)
2. (good)
3.  (good)
4.  (good)
5. (why is this? It's very messy, full of parameters trash)
6. (also full of parameters trash)
7. (and after that, BOUGHT 🙂 )

You see the URL's are not clean, not ideal to set up goals with. 

Better would be the example above with:


How to achieve this?

Kind regards, Jeroen Schenkelaars

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Im looking for the answer to this also.

Am asking support now - will post if get an answer

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Hi what aswer did you get?

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Did you ever find an answer to this one as we are finding the same thing.