Perform an ads but don’t the results

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Hi there

Today I had start FB conversion ads for today I end up with 277 sessions , 12 sessions added to cart and 1 sessions reached checkout and no sales most Traffic came from India.

To be honest I don’t If Iam doing right or not but I need to what should I do next? Is there And problem with product page that might be existing.

Please I do appreciate your affort to review
This the product link

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You do not have enough traffic to know if you are doing Facebook ads right or not. It can easily take a 100 add to cart / initiated checkout before you get a sale. You need to continue to test your Facebook ad copy and creative images to see what is going to work.


Also, you are in a super competitive niche selling watches, which is not something people buy often. Your store needs to reflect the higher expectations that customers have. Your store still has some of the features people suggested you get rid of based on your last two Feedback On My Store requests:


Visitors but with no sales


Product descriptions


Unless you change those areas, there is no way you can expect to compete in this niche as the changes are reflective of your store meeting the bare minimum expectations that people have when they buy anything, let alone watches, online. 

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