Performing in The top 13% For Traffic Yet No Sales

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Hi All, 

I'm hoping to get some feedback on my website:


Everytime I log into Shopify it tells me how much traffic I'm getting but still no sales. We do get a number of add to carts that aren't actualizing but I'm not sure how to see where those customers are located. One of the issues I see with our offering is that delivery beyond Australia is significant and I'm still unsure how to tackle that problem but I'm also not sure where else I'm falling short on the customers/leads. We have quite a high bounce rate at the moment, hovering around the 85% as well. 



Would really appreciate any feedback you all might have. 

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Hello, it looks like you had your store for many months. Did you have a good conversion rate from traffic to sales? While traffic is useful, it will be useful to engage your customers. If you want to engage some of your customers with direct mail-in marketing you may want to check this post