Personal account not showing up in any segments

Personal account not showing up in any segments

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So I am working on some marketing emails and I wanted to create a segment that consisted of my personal customer profile only so that I can test the template on myself and confirm that all of the customized customer info is populating correctly (this will not show for a "test" email) I am able to and have successfully created multiple segments that filter out all account by my own customer account that I created for myself a few years ago when I first opened my store (ex. giving my account a unique tag), but every time i go to select that segment for the email, the segment shows "0 subscribers". I know this can happen when you add customers to a segment who have not consented to receiving marketing emails, but obviously i have consented and have confirmed on my own customer page that my account has marketing emails enabled. Additionally, Shopify provides absolutely no clarification or reasoning as to why an account is not registering within a segment when it comes to actually sending an email off. I also checked to see if maybe Shopify was filtering my account out because an email may have bounced in the past, but when i created a segment with a filter to include accounts that had bounced emails, my account did not populate.  Does anyone have an idea of what might be going on?


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