Personalized email with customer specific products?

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Hello Shopify Community,

We are looking for a email marketing solution (or combo of apps) to send our customers emails with products from our store, that are their specific size.

We sell high-quality running shoes with minor imperfections that have been certified by brand-approved experts.  This inventory rotates daily and is typically in very limited quantities. 

Currently, we send out general emails when new inventory has arrived.  We would like to be able to segment our customers so only get emails with products in their size.

In an optimal scenario, we'd love for people to be able to sign up for email notifications with their name, email address and shoe size. The goal would be for them to only get weekly emails that featured the shoes in the size they requested.

Big thanks in advance!

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Hello @RelayGoods 

What a great idea to send your customers weekly emails with their shoe size!

There will be many of them who will subscribe to the emails writting down their contacts and shoe sizes but there will be also potential customers who will escape of leaving any contact for getting emails.

As a retailer, you can also try to activate web push notifications by Adrenalead that allows you to be able to retarget and communicate in real time to a large part of your audience.