Phase-in Phase-out - Product Line Launch

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Hello all,

I am currently working on the launch of a new product line for a client who is selling accessoires for smartphones. I do need your expert feedbacks guys.


👉 Current Situation 👈
- 2 lines made of 3 products ("STANDARD") and 5 products ("PRO")
- The line to be launched (4 products) will be a new edit of the current "PRO", with higher pricing


👉 Problems 👈
- My client does not want to simply replace the "PRO" line because a large majority of his revenue is made on this one, and there's a high risk of loss- Though he is wondering about having too many refs on his website (risk of dilution on the % conversion)


👉 Solution considered 👈
- Keep all the refs but highlight the new products line while hiding the current one

What are your feedbacks / reco / ideas ?


Thanks in advance for your help !

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