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How can you connect your catalogue to pinterest for catalogue sales?

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You need a Business Account with can upgrade a personal Pinterest account to a business one. Then you can link your catalog to Pinterest. Your catalog could be a Google Sheet doc or you could work with a shopping feed provider like Feedonomics.

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Have you heard the term Yogababble?

Have you seen the chart showing BS Stock versus Performance for Pinterest - it's right up there with Wework.

It's an overvalued stock living off people thinking it's something they need to be part of, when the reality is it is total crap.

See for yourself what Scott Galloway NYU Professor of Marketing has to say about it, you'll see any time spent on Pinterest is a waste of time.


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Don't listen to Ben, he is running around and trolling Pinterest related forum posts. He has no idea what he is talking about. He sounds like a stockbroker trying to short a stock. We have a Pinterest account with 3 million monthly viewers and do 90% of our sales through Pinterest.


Unfortunately, you can't get the Pinterest sales channel anymore, which more people should be upset about because as someone else pointed out why is Shopify losing functionality rather than gaining.


For anyone looking for ideas on what to do without the sales channel, try Tailwind to help automate/reuse your posts, check out PinPinterest for additional functions like follow/unfollow, these are both off-page solutions but they can be really effective, see for an example of how far that can take you.

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Thanks, I have around 1million unique views per month atm, and am loving
it. Using ads seem to work well a lot less than fb.

Is yours all organic now or is it ads as well.

Thanks Chad
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Please explain in detail how to do this... I am at a total loss...