Pinterest keeps duplicating product pins

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I have my shop connected to to Pinterest and my products are showing up as buyable pins.  I've noticed that any time I edit a product descirption or update a product photo, Pinterest then thinks its a new product and imports it again.  Now I have duplicate products on Pinterest.  Anyone having this issue?  I've gone into Pinterest and deleted the duplicate Pins but they just keep showing back up.  Any thoughts?


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Hi Floyd,

Britton here with the Shopify support team.

The Pinterest integration doesn't seem like it should be doing that. I'm going to reach out to directly via email so we can get this sorted out!



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Mine does this too, and has been since the beginning, I believe.  I recently went through and revised a bunch of items, and they duplicated.  So I'm showing 6500 pins on Pinterest now, even though I only have approximately 2000 items in my store.  (I pin some other items that aren't mine, but only about 300 maybe?)

Where I can see it being a particular problem is if I've raised my price, but they buy from an older pin that doesn't show the new price. 

(And, it just looks odd that I have 6500 pins when I only have about 300 or 400 followers.  Makes it look like that is what I spend all day doing, which couldn't be further from the truth! I spend about 10 minutes there every other day or so.  Someone just looking at the numbers though might think I'm "spamming", which I'm not.)

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Any update on the buyable pins that keep duplicating? This problem is still happening.

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Any updates on this issue? It's an going problem for me. 

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I've just noticed we have triplicates of our products on Pinterest... Did anyone every figure this out?

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Does anyone have an answer to this?  The thread is 3 years old but I still have this problem.  I spend considerable time deleting the duplicate pins.

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I have the same problem on my Pinterest profile