Pinterest Sales For Online Stores

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Probably you're constantly searching for the next big thing in eCommerce sales. Well, Pinterest isn't the next big thing. Pinterest is a platform that has been constantly getting the attention of 300 million monthly active users who are actively buying.


If you are an eCommerce store selling fashion, apparel, and accessories that is not using Pinterest you're missing out on one of the biggest and most cost-effective marketing channels for your store. You don't need 100k followers to get sales from Pinterest,  a $15,000 ad spend or waiting for months to appear at the top of the search results with SEO. Pinterest is just like Google where you have keywords and you optimize your content to appear at the top of those keywords, but with Pinterest, keywords are less competitive and it's a platform with more buying intention.


If you're interested I've made a video talking about Pinterest.  



Working on generating revenue with Pinterest for my clients.
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