Re: Pinterest UTM not showing up in Shopify (but is showing up on other reporting tools)

Pinterest UTM not showing up in Shopify (but is showing up on other reporting tools)

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I'm having a problem where UTM parameters from Pinterest ads aren't getting tracked by Shopify in the Conversion summary or reports.


  1. Pinterest ads are definitely sending UTM Source/Medium/Campaign/Term
  2. Lucky Orange is showing these UTM fields, so they're clearly passing through to the session
    (Lucky Orange is a session tracker that lets me see heatmaps and what each user does on the site)
  3. Shopify is NOT showing the UTM fields: It shows these visitors either as "Direct" or as not having any conversion details
  4. Google ads and Google organic clicks are showing up in the Conversion Summary and reports

Anyone got any ideas? I don't know what else to do??

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Pinterest doesn't natively support UTM parameters. But you can add the UTM parameters in your campaign URL in destination URL while creating campaign.
Additionally, you must use a tool like Google Analytics to capture the data.

Here's how to do it:

1. Ensure your website/landing page is connected to Google Analytics or similar tool.
2. Create your URL.
3. Go to Pinterest account --> Click on create --> Click 'Create Pin' --> Fill Campaign Details --> Paste UTM URL in destination link.
4. Click on 'Save.'

Now you can track data using Google Analytics tool.

Try this and see if you're able to capture the data.

Shanthi Vutukur | Content Writer@ AdNabu

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This is mostly not helpful given what I said.


(1) Pinterest does support UTMs just fine in the link construction. (2) I’ve long had UTMs set up on links on Pinterest. (3) Google Analytics, Klaviyo, and Lucky Orange pick up on the Pinterest UTMs just fine. (4) Shopify does not.


This is a Shopify-only problem.


Thanks for the help, but your reply is not a good answer.