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I've been working on Pinterest organic marketing for the last three years and one of the things I always see is desperate business owners trying to get consistent sales from their Shopify stores. They'll try one thing it doesn't work and they go to the next one and the next one after that until they give up. That's what happens with the vast majority of Shopify store owners.


There are several social media marketing platforms that are great for sales like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Personally, I've found Pinterest to be the best one of the three of them. However, none of the platforms will work if you're inconsistent and give up after one day using the platform.


As a little advice if you're starting your store Pinterest organic marketing is a great way of getting click and sales if you're consistent with it and don't expect 20k in sales after one-month running organic marketing. Pinterest is a search engine where almost 84% of users reported using the platform to purchase something. To get clicks and sales with Pinterest you have to optimize your posts for the keywords that are relevant to your brand.


I've been doing this for many stores for the last three years and the main reason why some of them didn't saw results with the platform was quitting too soon.


Feel free to visit my website for information about Pinterest and how it can help your store.

Working on generating revenue with Pinterest for my clients.
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