Pixel and Analytics not detecting source of purchase

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Hi guys!

I am having a weird issue here and I am not really sure what is going on. I used several Up-Sell/Cross-Sell apps to make a bundle offer for my store, which works pretty well. However, my Pixel detects there has been a purchase but does not know where it is coming from and it doesn't assign it to any of my ads.

What I think is happening is that, whenever someone decides to use the cross-sell or upsell suggestions, the source/medium gets lost and the session appears as (direct) / (none) and no UTM parameters are found. I am talking about the purchase event for the Facebook pixel, but it is messing with the UTM parameters and Google Analytics is not able to properly show it as well. I will give you an example from today.

I have a purchase of about $25. There are no other purchases for this amount, so I am confident in my observations.

Facebook Ads: I advertise only through Facebook and there isn't really any other way for someone to come and buy our stuff. The pixel itself detects there has been a purchase, the event is there, but it doesn't assign the purchase to any of the campaigns that I have because it doesn't know where the traffic came from.

Shopify: Shopify has a Conversion summary report that works pretty well. However, only for purchases made through the Cross-Sell apps, it doesn't give me any details, stating: "There aren't any conversion details available for this order." The weird bit is that this only shows on purchases made through the Cross-Sell apps. I can see that because I see the discount that is applied.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics shows this traffic as (direct) / (none) which, yes, it is possible, but highly unlikely based on the fact that it is more than 50% of my purchases. My site is not nearly that popular to get direct traffic out of nowhere. I tried to figure out some additional information from that traffic, but it shows me nothing else, except for (direct) / (none).

So, my problem is that I need to know which campaign works better. These apps usually bring more revenue per sale and it is important for me to know which campaigns I need to push. I have several OCPM ads which are going crazy because they are actually managing to sell, but Facebook doesn't know that and tries to optimize for people that would eventually not use the Cross-Sell apps.

I did not find anything on that matter, this is why I am posting it here. Has anyone stumbled across such a problem and do you know how can I fix it?

Thank you,

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I'm with the same question

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Could you solve this? I'm facing the same issue