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Good morning, 

We are having problems with Facebook's Pixel as it is set up correctly but it's not receiving the purchase events, it does receive the page view and add to cart, but when it comes to the Purchase and add payment info it is not working. 

The configuration we have set up  is the following for both events: 

Purchase - 

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 Add Payment info - 


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And I can see that when I do the diagnostics in order to check its behaviour, the box where you can see the active events in the webpage disappears as if it worked with another configuration. Has anyone had this problem sometime? 

Thank you, 

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I have spoken with the Facebook support team and they have told me that the pixel in their side is correctly implemented, I can verify it as other events do work, so it is with these two events, that as I indicated seem to be part of another configuration. 

The store is: www.sdesuan.com

Thank you so much!! 

First I would recommend setting up the Conversion API. You'll be able to measure events a lot better and can bypass some of these issues. However, you still need to have the pixel correctly installed.


Secondly, I would remove the add payment information. It does little to help you unless in very specific circumstances.

You have the pixel firing when the URL contains "order." When users complete an order does it actually go to a URL that contains that? If not, the pixel won't fire. I would suggest using the setup tool to actually link that event with a button, such as "Purchase Now."

Lastly, make sure you have aggregated events setup correctly! Let me know if you need anymore help!

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Hi David, 

Thank you very much for your help, from facbeook support they have sent the following links with the informatión in order to configure the event: 

Specifications for Facebook pixel standard events - https://www.facebook.com/business/help/402791146561655?id=1205376682832142

Conversion Tracking - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-pixel/implementation/conversion-tracking/

But could you please help me with more concrete indications on what would we do to solve the issue?

What conversion API should we set up? The URL does include "order" but it seems not to be working, so if you could help me to set up the event with the button as you indicate it would be very helpful. 

Thank you very much,  

As much as I'd love to do that for you, that would mean that I would need access to your account. Is your website set up on Wordpress? You should be able to do a "partner integration" and then you either link it with your woo-commerce or your WordPress. It's a simple push of a button. That's the route I would recommend.

I think you're focusing on the technical aspect too much. Unless you're an experienced coder (and if you are I'm sorry), it's a moot point to go over the manual coding of FB pixel events.


This link will show you everything you need to know to get started with conversion API. 

Another resource with more of a step by step: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/232481544843294?id=818859032317965

And if you want to learn more about the CAPI: https://blog.hootsuite.com/facebook-conversion-api/