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So I install my website Pixel - Attach it to my Business Manger, Ad Account and Page,


Then I Add the Facebook Shop "Sales Channel" to Shopify , enable my store and my products are approved (this is what facebook instructs me to do).


Then I go to my Catalogue Manager (inside FB Business Manager) and my Catalogue is there ....BUT ....its owned by SHOPIFY....so i cant do anything useful with it!!!


So - I add my OWN catalogue - via my Business manager - but.... - but this is where it becomes ENRAGING - GROWLING - BARKING AND TANTRUMS OCCUR

MY PIXEL isnt ready...(its never ready)


My Feed doesn't have the required METATAGS and the frigging instructions for this are GAYNESS


I then use Feedify - ITS STILL missing the Product ID parameter.

And Pixel STILL not working


SERIOUSLY - this is my 6th website build and i CANT FIGURE IT OUT >! Please help

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Remove the Shopify sales channel catalog. I would use the Flexify app for connecting Shopify and Facebook to make a catalog. Make sure your catalog  is connected is your pixel, ad account and the data does is not show any errors in diagnostic section of catalog.

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I have the same issue. How can I resolve this