Re: Pixel started sending events from domains ending with

Pixel started sending events from domains ending with

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In Facebook ad manager I've got an alert/warning saying new domains are sending data. According to FB this has only started happening in the last 24 hours. There is a list of domain names - lots of letters and numbers then the same all ending with .shopify.preview


The top 2 or 3 in the list link to my shopify website, the rest of the list link to a shopify message saying 'expires'


What is this all about?


Meta's explanations are below.As the domains are gobbledegook how do I determine what is going on?


Thank you for any pointers.



Reasons why you might see Meta pixel events coming from unfamiliar website domains include:

  • Someone else put your pixel ID on their website. The Meta pixel is a piece of code that's made up of the base code and your pixel ID. When you add your pixel to your website, your pixel ID is public information. This means that other people can find your pixel ID, add it to the pixel base code and put it on their own website.
  • You set up your Meta pixel using a partner integration, third-party advertising technology or an iframe.
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Hi @Cube22,


This is Victor from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.


We can see the domain when we share the Preview of an unpublished Shopify theme.

So I think the pixel works on your preview link as well.


To exclude the links like that you can set up Website Custom audiences in the Facebook pixel. You can find it by:

  • Go to Audiences in Ads Manager.
  • Click Create audience and select Custom Audience.
  • Click Website traffic.

I hope the information above will be useful!


Victor | PageFly

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HI Victor


Thank you. It is very kind of you to reply.


Please excuse my lack of technical undertsanding. I still don't understand why this is happening.

You mention 'We can see the domain when we share the Preview of an unpublished Shopify theme.'.


Why/who would be sharing preview of an unpublished shopify theme? I don't understand the mechanism of why this is happening. Please can you explain the basics? I am worried about why this is happening at all.


Thank you for your help.


Kind regards



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Hi @Cube22 ,


It can be the case when you are working on the Draft theme (your store can have 1 published / live theme and many draft themes) and you want to share with your friends and family to check and feedback with the link I shared on the screenshot.


So they will use the link to see it.


Do you have anyone working with you in your store? Or any freelancer? They might share the preview with someone else.