Please HELP. 0.03% Conversion Rate. Spent $100 on SnapChat Ads and only one sale

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Hi. My website is I worked really hard on this website and I think it looks professional enough to get some sales. The biggest problem is advertising. For no reason, my facebook ads account got banned. My google ads account is in review and the only platform I have is SnapChat Ads. The first day I did it, it was insane. I had a $25 dollar budget with a mediocre ad and I got over 3,000 website visitors. Since the ad wasn't targeted good, I only got one sale. This was fine for me since it was my first day. After that, I tried doing it again and I'm not even getting a good amount of visitors. It might be because of the holidays or something but I have spent almost $100 on ads and only made around $10 profit. And I really don't have that much money to keep going. I might be able to spend a couple of hundred dollars more and then I will have to wait another month or two to get paid from my amazon. Right now, I just need to get my ads figured out. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. 

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